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We are using the Mail Chimp email service for all of our email communication.  It allows us to send better looking emails with great content and links which are also easy for you to view on a mobile device and share with friends, even using social media.  If you would like to be on one of our lists, please fill out this simple form. 

Email Address
Please use whichever email address is the main one you want to receive information from us on (tip: Use your email address not your child's.).  If you have multiple addresses or parents that want to both receive these, fill a separate form out for each email address.

This is the Parent's Name.

Graduation Year
We realize this may freak you out to figure out what year your child graduates already. However, this is the best way for us to keep our database accurate when grades change every year, but most graduation dates don't change. So...

Click a box for each of your children.  In other words, if you have children in 5th and 7th grades, you don't have to fill the form out twice.  Just fill it out once and check both boxes for their corresponding graduation years.  When we send specific emails, that will get you in on the ones you need.

Please share this signup form with other parents you are friends with who have kids going into 5th-8th grades.  This is especially true if someone says, "How did you know that?" or "I don't get those emails."  The signup form is the new ticket for how to get connected to our email lists.

Thanks for helping us stay connected as we partner with you to help students know and follow Jesus!

-Mike Sheley,
Middle School Pastor (5th-8th grades)

Mount Pleasant Christian Church

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